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a (gender)queer neuroscientist-in-training in the R.W. Tsien Lab @ NYU Neuroscience attempting to unify the rational & emotional with science & art.

science \\ music \\ art

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dow-kuang sun

Hi! My name is Simon/Simone (they/their) and I am a PhD Candidate in the R.W. Tsien Lab at the NYU Neuroscience Institute. My current research focuses on the importance of cellular and molecular processes in the brain that maintain chemical and electrical balance. Other scientific topics that interest me include, cellular and systems correlates of neuropsychiatric diseases, sleep, and sensory brain function. I previously worked in the G.S. Walsh Lab studying mechanisms of nervous system development and received my MSc there. 



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I am always working on something, whether it is science, music, or art. I’d love to hear from you and talk about any of those things!

Any inquiries for commissions and collaborations should be indicated early on in the email. Rates for commissions are determined by a per-project basis. 

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