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a (gender)queer neuroscientist-in-training in the R.W. Tsien Lab @ NYU Neuroscience attempting to unify the rational & emotional with science & art.

science \\ music \\ art

Simone/Simon (she/they) is a PhD Candidate in the R.W. Tsien Lab at the NYU Neuroscience Institute and a young scientist and artist.

Their research focuses on the importance of neural processes - both chemical and electrical - in the brain that maintain balance. These functions are crucial for maintaining past information (memory) while incorporating new inputs (learning). Other scientific topics that they are exploring include, cellular and systems correlates of neuropsychiatric diseases, sleep, body-brain hormone signaling, and mathematical modeling. They previously worked in the G.S. Walsh Lab studying how the nervous system assembles itself during early development and was awarded a MSc for their work.

Their music and art tries to unify the rational and emotional domains of science and art by giving emotional drives to science and rational inquiry to art. Neither intrinsically lacks rationality or emotionality, though they often are treated as such. Their current project SÉN, uses their own experimental data they've acquired and giving it life through electronic music. Past works include orchestral, chamber, and solo compositions.

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I am always working on something. Sometimes its with other people. Any inquiry about collaboration or creative service should be indicated in the subject line. Rates are determined on a per-project basis.

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