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SÉN's debut EP available now

EP SC is now available on most popular music streaming services.

Track listing:

  1. control (4:30)
  2. population (6:16)
  3. five (5:15)

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Asset 1fig3.png

EP SC data

This is what some of my data looks like. I used this trace for Population.

The first two songs, Control and Population, are generated by using my own data I acquired from my experiments. The image to the right is what some of the data looks like. These "traces" are read left to right. Each downward tick from the baseline (the thick black line at the top) is an electrical current passing into a single neuron I have recorded from. Each of the down ticks is a "miniature excitatory postsynaptic current" or mEPSC for short. The bigger the mEPSC, the more electrical current is entering the cell. I use these measurements to get a sense of how many connections (synapses) a neuron has, and how strong they are. I used the amount of current from each mEPSC to assign a specific note to play, and the time the mEPSC happened for when the note is played. The rest is composer's discretion.

The last song, Five, is conceptually simple. Almost every aspect of the song (notes, rhythm, phrases) is somehow dictated by the number 5. My string quartet ODD was similar in concept, but sounds completely different.

Let me know what you think in the comments. 

I hope you enjoy EP SC.

~ S